Updated Permit Parking Rates

Guided by input from faculty, staff, students and community members, the University of Pittsburgh adopted a new Campus Master Plan. With the plan comes many exciting changes, including new and upgraded parking facilities.

These upcoming changes prompted a review of campus parking options and rates. Pitt has worked hard to hold the price of parking permits flat for the last 15 years, with Pitt’s monthly lease prices 30% less than other Oakland employers and 60% less than private garages in the area.

With this in mind, due to costs of necessary repairs, upgrades and new construction, permit parking rates will be updated effective July 1, 2020, moving to a tiered structure based on parking location:

  • Tier 1 parking locations: $106/month   
  • Tier 2 parking locations: $98/month         
  • Tier 3 parking locations: $53/month

View garage and lot parking locations by tier here.

Review pricing for electric vehicle, evening, motorcycle and student permits effective July 1, 2020.

Rates will continue to be reviewed annually as part of the University’s mobility plan.

The University continues to offer fare-free Port Authority services for Pitt faculty, staff members and students. In our commitment to sustainability and healthy lifestyles, we also encourage commuters to consider walking, bicycling and carpooling wherever possible. Additionally, we continue to progress on a comprehensive mobility plan that will evolve and strengthen the transportation infrastructure for University community members. The plan includes pursuing new and expanded mobility solutions through partnerships including the Port Authority, Waze Carpooling and other transportation partners, potential Park and Ride shuttle options, in addition to enhanced cycling and pedestrian pathways, expanded electric vehicle charging stations and new campus parking facilities detailed in the Campus Master Plan. Learn more about Port Authority transportation here.

If you have any questions, would like to change your parking permit status or would like more information regarding additional transportation options, please contact the Parking, Transportation and Services team at 412-624-4034, parking@bc.pitt.edu or visit the office at 127 N. Bellefield Avenue.