Student Permits

Students arrive at the University of Pittsburgh with all kinds of parking needs. Whether you are a commuter, here for a single semester, or live on campus all year, we offer a plan that suits your lifestyle. 

You may prefer to pay as you park at hourly and daily rates or short-term metered lots. Or you can purchase a parking permit that meets the needs of your enrollment status as a resident, commuter, or evening student. 

Can't decide what type of parking best suits your needs? Contact us and we'll be happy to guide you. 

Refer to our parking maps for lot and parking meter locations. 

Hourly/Daily Parking 

If you prefer to pay as you park, you can find hourly and daily rates at the University's OC, PH, SN, and SO lots. 

Short-term metered parking is available at more than 69 meters in the BQ, LC, SN, SR, and SQ lots. 

The Oakland neighborhood is also home to several private and city-owned parking facilities. Use this list to guide you. 

Permit Parking 

If your car will be on campus as often as you are, a parking permit will save you time and money. You can purchase a parking permit to meet your needs (resident, commuter, or evening student) at the Parking Services Office, located at 127 N. Bellefield Ave.

Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space but allows you to park if space is available. If space is not available, you will be able to move to the overflow location(s) by contacting us.

We accept cash, checks, Panther Funds, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. 

Here's what you'll need to obtain your permit: 

  • Valid Panther Card
  • Vehicle Registration Card

Permit rates are reviewed annually, subject to change.

Resident Students

If you are a full-time resident student, you can find easy-access resident parking in the CG, CP, FC, L, LT, OC, PH, Q and U facilities. Please contact us via email at if you are looking for parking for the upcoming spring semester.

Your parking permit will follow the same academic terms detailed in your housing contract. Garages are priced at $848, while outdoor lots are priced at $784 for the full academic year. If you are purchasing a permit for one singular semester, then garages will be priced at $424 and lots at $392. 

Please be advised that prices and locations are subject to change. 

Commuter Students 

We offer permits specifically for commuter students, which are available for the OC, TV, and UDA lots (lot availability is subject to change), and are valid in all non-restricted University lots after 5 p.m. and on weekends, except during special events. Permits are not valid for overnight parking in any campus lots. Commuter passes for the upcoming Spring term will be sold online at on January 5, 2021 at 10am on a first come, first serve basis.

Additionally, hourly and daily parking rates are available for commuters in the OC, PH, SO, and SN facilities.

Evening Students

Evening student permits $71 per semester and can be purchased year round in the Parking Services Office, located in 127 N. Bellefield Ave. To accommodate students enrolled in various programs, we reduce the cost of the permit monthly. 

The evening student permit is valid at select locations from 2:50 p.m. through midnight on weekdays and all day on weekends, except—depending upon location—during special events. 

Summer Students 

We offer daily parking through the summer term. Lot availability varies depending on student needs, though some students purchase commuter permits for the OC lot as well as evening student permits. For more information on the plan that best suits you, contact us

Student Parking at Pitt

Download and print our Student Parking at Pitt Brochure (PDF).