Frequently Asked Questions

Parking Services Office

How can I reach the Parking Office and what are your hours?

Use the Contact Us link to find all the information you will need.

Basketball Parking 

The Athletics Department offers parking information for basketball. Visit the Athletic Department website for more information.

Petersen Events Center Parking 

For information on parking for events at the Petersen Events Center, please visit the Petersen Events Center website.

Meter Parking on campus

There are meters throughout the Pitt campus for short term parking. Permits are never valid at a meter. View visitor parking for meter and garage locations and rates.


Where should I park if my assigned lot is full or inaccessible due to inclement weather? 

You may choose from the Allequippa Street (OC) or Soldiers and Sailors (SO) garages. Then simply notify the Parking Services Office, and we will arrange to temporarily validate your permit. 

Can I park "after hours" in any other lots or garages besides my assigned lot? 

As a permit holder, you can use these lots, E, F, FB, G, K, KG, N, OC, P, PK, RA, SC, SO, TH, U, UD, after 4 p.m. weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. 

Wesley W. Posvar Hall garage and Public Health are available after 5 p.m. All other lots are restricted to the designated permit for that lot only.

I need to drop something off at a campus building, but don't have a parking permit for the nearest lot. Can I park in a nearby lot? 

Here's a tip that should help: Leave your flashers on, and you can park for up to 15 minutes in a lot other than your own. Be sure your permit is displayed properly. 

I will be taking an approved extended leave and don't want to continue paying for my permit while I'm on leave. Can I renew my permit when I return? 

Yes—just bring your permit with your keycard (if applicable) to the Parking Services Office by the third working day of the month. When you return from your leave, we'll assign a parking space to you in the same lot you occupied before you left. 

What should I do if I lock my keys in my car or my car won't start? 

Call Pitt's Motorist Assistance Program (MAP) at 412-624-4034 during Parking Services Office business hours, or after hours via the campus police at 412-624-2121, and we'll be happy to get you back in your car and on your way. 

I have friends coming to visit me on campus. Where can they park?

Visitors may park in the Soldiers and Sailors Garage, the Panther Hollow Lot, the Sennott Square Garage, and the OC Lot. 

Why are Pitt permit parking rates increasing on July 1, 2020?

Permit parking rate changes will support the costs of necessary repairs, upgrades and new construction detailed in the University’s Campus Master Plan. Learn more about the rate changes. 

Who should I contact with Pitt permit parking rate questions or feedback, change my permit parking status or get more information on alternate transportation options?

Please contact the Pitt Parking, Transportation and Services team at 412-624-4034, or 127 N. Bellefield Avenue on campus. 

What other transportation options are available to commute to/from campus?

The University continues to offer fare-free Port Authority services for Pitt faculty, staff members and students. In our commitment to sustainability and healthy lifestyles, we also encourage commuters to consider walking, bicycling and carpooling where ever possible. Additionally, we continue to progress on a comprehensive mobility plan that will evolve and strengthen the transportation infrastructure for University community members. The plan includes pursuing new and expanded mobility solutions through partnerships including the Port Authority, Waze Carpooling and other transportation partners, potential Park and Ride shuttle options, in addition to enhanced cycling and pedestrian pathways, expanded electric vehicle charging stations and new campus parking facilities detailed in the Campus Master Plan. View available transportation options. 


Where can I find short-term parking on campus? 

Short-term parking is available at meters in the SR visitors lot, BQ, Log Cabin, RA, and Sennott Square Garage lots. Be sure to bring change—your permit is not valid at these meters. 

Can I park at the same meter for an extended period of time and just add quarters before the time expires? 

No. You will need to move your vehicle once the maximum time expires. 

What should I do if I lose my parking permit? 

Notify the Parking Services Office as soon as you can. We will be happy to replace your permit for a $15 fee. 

What should I do if I lock my keys in my car or my car won't start? 

Call Pitt's Motorist Assistance Program (MAP) at 412-624-4034 during Parking Services Office business hours, or after hours via the campus police at 412-624-2121, and we'll be happy to get you back in your car and on your way. 

What happens if I forget to pay a parking fine? 

Contact the Parking Services Office as soon as you realize you haven't paid. It is important to remember to pay your fines promptly, because the University can withhold grades and transcripts, or even block course registration as long as fines remain outstanding. 


Can I park on campus during "off hours" without a permit? 

Although regulations differ from one parking area to another, keep in mind that enforcement is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most lots and garages are reserved at all times. Before entering a lot or garage, particularly for the first time, please read the sign at the entrance. Permit regulations are listed on these signs. 

If a "No Parking" sign isn't present, does that mean it's OK to park? 

Not necessarily. The absence of a "No Parking" sign in a certain area does not mean that parking is allowed there. To be safe, always park your vehicle only in spaces specifically marked for parking. 

If I don't have a parking permit, can I just leave a note or put my flashers on if I need to load or unload at a campus building? 

No—leaving a note or putting on your flashers will not prevent you from receiving a citation. To protect yourself, please be sure a licensed driver is left with your vehicle to move it if necessary. 

What should I do if I get a parking ticket? 

Simply pay the fine or file an appeal within 10 days from the date the citation is issued. 

What should I do if I receive a non-traffic citation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? 

Arrange your payment directly with the office of the local magistrate (found on the citation notice). 

My car was towed, and I am appealing the ticket—do I still have to pay the towing fees? 

Yes. You are responsible for towing, booting and/or storage fees even if you appeal the citation.