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Faculty/Staff Permits

Think of your parking permit as your passport to campus lots reserved for Pitt faculty and staff. Applying for one is easy. Simply contact the Parking Office or apply online.

When you apply for a permit, you may select up to three different parking facilities as possible choices. Refer to our parking maps for lot locations and related information.

You'll be added to our wait list, which we update weekly. Please keep your information current so we can notify you immediately when your space becomes available. Department relocations, lot closings, and handicapped parking needs are examples of situations that may affect your position on the wait list. The OC, OH, PH, SN, and SO facilities also offer hourly and daily rates, and meters are located throughout campus.

Remember: When you park, it's important to display your permit so our parking enforcement staff knows you're allowed to park in your facility. And your permit is yours alone—it is non-transferable.

Buying Your Permit

Paying for your parking permit couldn't be more convenient. Simply contact the Parking Office. Don't worry about sending a check or getting your payment in on time. Faculty and staff use a hassle-free automatic payroll deduction, so that even if you forget, your account remains in good standing. Be sure to verify that your fees are properly deducted and contact us to report errors so we can quickly resolve them. If a billing error should occur, your monthly fee still applies.

If you're someone who is not eligible for payroll deduction—such as a vendor—we recommend that you purchase your permit in advance. Vendors and departments pay by the fiscal year. We accept cash, check, Panther Funds, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Some parkers use their Pitt ID as an access card for their garages. If this is you, please remember to stop in the Parking Services Office anytime you get a new ID so we may update your record in the garage access system.

The Parking Services Office offers special permits for handicapped drivers, carpools, vanpools, vendors, official department visitors, conference attendees, contractors, and members of the Board of Trustees. For additional information or help obtaining a special permit, contact us.

ZZ and VN permits are issued to vendors and University personnel whose jobs require them to park in different University locations throughout the day. Learn more about ZZ and VN permits.

EV Permits are for plug in vehicles and allow you to park in three locations Posvar garage (A) Soldiers and Sailors Garage (SO), and O’Hara garage (OH).  You will have a designated home garage but are permitted to move to the other two garages.

Permit Rates

Permit rates are subject to change.


Indoor garages: $92/month
Outdoor lots: $85/month
Evening student permits: $62/term

Evening permits for employees who work shifts:

2 p.m. $68/month
3 p.m. $56/month
5 p.m. $52/month
Temporary permits: Variable
Motorcycle permits: $25/term
Department visitor permits: Variable
ZZ (all access) permits: $95/month
EV (Electric Vehicle) permits $100/month
VN (vendor) permits: $1140/year
Contractor permits: rate depends on lot assignment


Parking at Pitt (faculty/staff PDF brochure)

Download and print our Faculty/Staff Parking at Pitt (PDF).

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