Help for Your Move

Coordinating a move can be both challenging and time-consuming. That’s why we’re here to help. If the University of Pittsburgh is paying for your move, the Department of Parking, Transportation, and Services can make the job of relocating your household goods easier. We’ll assign a commercial moving company, monitor the relocation process, and arrange to pay the bill.

New Employees

If you are a new employee relocating to Pittsburgh, contact us for assistance at 412-624-8801 or

Cost Estimate

The cost estimate provided to you by a University moving company is a standard estimate, meaning that the estimate is non-binding and is simply an estimate of the anticipated costs. Final costs will be based on the actual weight, boxes, and services provided. In order to avoid surprises, be certain to show the surveyor who conducts the estimate everything that is to be included in the shipment.


Items packed into boxes by the mover are fully covered if damaged during shipment. However, items that you pack into boxes are not covered if damaged during the shipment. If you are going to do some packing yourself, start with unbreakable items, such as books, canned goods, bed linens, etc.

Packing Tips (Household Goods)

Replacement Valuation

Full replacement valuation is provided by the moving company just in case something is damaged during the shipment. Identify high-value items, (e.g., oriental rugs, antiques, works of art, etc.), since special packaging and handling may be required to safeguard high-value items. Please be advised that negotiable items such as cash, stocks, bonds, and jewelry are not covered.

Moving a Laboratory?

In addition to their household goods, some principal investigators must also arrange for the relocation of their laboratory. The moving company that is relocating the household goods can also move the laboratory.


There are specific regulations and requirements that you must follow when shipping laboratory animals. Please contact Pitt’s Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) at 412-648-8950 to make transportation arrangements. Contact DLAR as early as possible in your moving process.

Building Access

It is also your responsibility to coordinate building access for the moving company to pick up your lab. Contact the building manager at the institution from which you are moving for specific requirements. You may be required to schedule access to loading docks and service elevators well in advance of the pick-up date. The moving company will coordinate access to the Pitt building into which your lab will be delivered.

Equipment Ownership

It is your responsibility as the principal investigator to identify clear ownership of the equipment you intend to move. Arrange to have your laboratory equipment surveyed by the Property Management Office at the institution from which you are moving. They will be able to identify which items belong to you and may be moved.

Frozen Specimens

In most cases, it is best to package the specimens on dry ice and ship them overnight to a colleague in Pittsburgh for safekeeping until your freezers arrive and are operational. Ice chests encased in corrugated cardboard that are designed specifically for this task can be obtained from ThermoSafe.

It is possible for you to order containers from Polyfoam Packers Corp. and have your department administrator pay for them using a Pitt Purchasing Card. The University’s express mail office can assist you and your department administrator with overnight delivery services.

Hazardous Materials

There are many regulations governing what materials and chemicals can be transported. Check with the moving company that is relocating your lab to Pittsburgh to see what can and cannot be included in the shipment. In most cases, it is less expensive to replace chemicals than it is to move them.

Health and Safety Inspection

As the principal investigator, it is your responsibility to see that the items to be shipped from your lab have been cleaned of all contamination and have been inspected by the Health and Safety Department. Contact the Health and Safety Department at the institution from which you are moving to inspect the equipment and provide documentation of the inspection results. Please see that the inspection is completed well in advance of your move date.