On-Campus Moves

A moving service is provided to customers and the University through Central Receiving's University Movers. The University Movers provide services for both on-campus and off-campus moves for the University. The University Movers are also the only authorized movers for on-campus moves. The service is billed by hourly rates and can be obtained by phone at (412) 624-6500 or fax at (412) 624-6590. Faxes should contain the following information:

  • Your present location or address.
  • Your new location or address.
  • The current telephone and fax number to be contacted.
  • The account number to which the move is to be billed.
  • The type of equipment or material to be moved, and the quantity.
  • The approximate or actual date the move is to occur.

A supervisor will then make an on-site inspection, and determine the time and equipment required to complete the job. At that time, a date and start time for the move will be determined.

To make your move as seemless as possible, check out our moving check list!