We are committed to ensuring that you have a parking space when you need one. That's why we uphold the regulations set forth by the University's Traffic and Parking Ordinance (PDF). These rules are in effect 24/7—including holidays. 

By following these guidelines, you can help us achieve our goal of making your parking experience as convenient and safe as possible: 

  • Park only within the boundary lines of a legal, marked parking space. 
  • Display your parking permit on the rear-view mirror of your vehicle so that the permit number is visible through the front windshield. 
  • Obtain a permit for motorcycles and mopeds, and park within designated areas. 
  • Follow parking rules during severe weather conditions. 
  • Pay any fines promptly to protect your access to parking permits and status at the University. 
  • Purchase your permit through our office.
  • Use only valid permits that are not defaced or reported as missing. 
  • Only use your permit in your designated lot and time. 
  • Keep access and traffic clear. 
  • Keep yourself informed of special event procedures and park accordingly. 

If You Get a Ticket 

If you get a ticket, you have two options: Either pay the fine or, if you believe the ticket was issued in error, appeal it. 


You have the right to appeal a parking citation via our online form up to 10 calendar days after the date the fine was issued. Read more about our appeal process.


If you do not plan to appeal your ticket, be sure to pay your fine within 10 days of receiving your citation