Permit Reinstatement

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To reactivate a suspended permit, you must provide your authorization and begin payroll deductions by or before the third business day of the month. If you reactivate your permit after the third business day of the month, then you will be required to pay the prorated amount for the remaining days of the month out of pocket, with payroll deductions beginning the following month. Reactivate your suspended permit by completing and submitting the online payroll deduction form or stop by the Parking Office.  

If you are planning to come to campus and are not a University permit holder, please be advised that our daily parking rates have been reinstated. View our operational parking locations, daily rates, and payment methods below. Learn more about on-campus parking and mobility updates for returning to campus. Contact us to discuss mobility options. We’re here to assist with a personalized commuting plan and solutions that will work for you.

On-Campus Parking Locations & Daily Rates 

Non-permit holders who are approved to work on campus can use the ParkMobile App to locate on-campus parking. 

Contact the Pitt Parking Office with additional questions.