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Daily Campus Parking Reservations Now Available on ParkMobile

A new reservation feature through ParkMobile is now available to University faculty, staff, and students at select campus parking garages and lots. Pre-pay for your parking prior to arriving to campus. Purchases can be made in advance via the ParkMobile website or app.

The following locations are available for same-day contact-less payment reservations on the ParkMobile website or app:

  • Posvar (A) Garage: $7.78
  • OC Lot: $7.78
  • U Lot: $11.11
  • RA Lot: $11.11
  • PH Lot: $5.00
  • TH Lot: $11.11
  • K Lot: $11.11
  • N Lot: $7.78

Rates are subject to change. The University hopes to extend the advance reservation feature to more locations in the future.

ParkMobile payment is still available onsite for the following locations: all-day parking at SO, as well as off-peak parking at OC, U, PH, RA, A, U, PH and SO. Check the ParkMobile app for evening rates.

How to Use the ParkMobile App 

  • Search for ParkMobile in your mobile device's app store
  • Download the ParkMobile app to your smartphone and create an account 
  • Select a parking location
  • Purchase parking at your selected location prior to garage/lot arrival
  • Your payment will be directly linked to your license plate
  • Upon garage/lot arrival, please have your parking confirmation located on the app available to show to attendant

Accounts can also be created online at or, to use by phone, call 1-877-727-5281. You must have a ParkMobile account to use this service. Parking is subject to availability.

Contact Pitt Parking Office at 412-624-4034 or via email with questions regarding the ParkMobile app. 

Hourly & Daily ParkMobile Locations 

Hourly and daily locations supported by ParkMobile are listed below. 

Hourly ParkMobile Locations 

Zone Number Location/Policy
94010 BQ Lot - 120 S Bouquet St.
94011 SN Lot - 207 S Bouquet St. 
94012 Y Lot - 341 Darragh St. Apartments
94013 SR Lot - 3725 Sutherland Dr. 
94014 OS Lot - 4058 O'Hara St. 
94015 CB Lot - 123 University Pl. 
94026 LC Lot - 4387 Forbes Ave. 
94027 SO Garage - 4101 Fifth Ave.

Daily ParkMobile Locations 

Zone Number Location/Policy
94016 OC Lot - 3505 Allequippa St. 
94017 RA Lot - 119 North Bellefield 
94018 A Lot - 122 Roberto Clemente Dr. 
94020 U Lot - 3500 University Dr. 
94021 PH Lot - 8 Boundary St. 
94025 MS Lot - 7401 Mead St. 

Parking Location Payment Options

Locations ParkMobile On Demand ParkMobile Reservations ParkMobile Reservations or Cash if Available Cash Rates*
Posvar (A) Garage   X     $7.78
OC Lot     X X $7.78
U Lot   X     $11.11
Ruskin (RA) Lot   X     $11.11
Panther Hollow (PH) Lot     X X $5.00
SO Garage X     X Published Rates
TH Lot   X     $11.11
K Lot   X     $11.11
N Lot   X     $7.78

*Rates are subject to change.