Parking Rates

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Buying Your Permit

Contact the Parking Office to pay for your parking permit. If you are Pitt faculty and staff, you can use a hassle-free automatic payroll deduction to pay for your permit, so that even if you forget, your account remains in good standing. Be sure to verify that your fees are properly deducted and contact us to report errors so we can quickly resolve them. If a billing error should occur, your monthly fee still applies. 

If you're someone who is not eligible for payroll deduction—such as a vendor—we recommend that you purchase your permit in advance. Vendors and departments pay by the fiscal year. We accept cash, check, Panther Funds, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Some parkers use their Pitt ID as an access card for their garage. If this pertains to you, contact our office anytime you receive a new ID so we can update your record in the garage access system.  

Permit Rates 

Pitt parking permit rates increased on July 1, 2020. Permit rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Faculty/Staff - Indoor Garage  $106/month 
Faculty/Staff - Outdoor Lots  $98/month 
Faculty/Staff Evening – 2 p.m.  $78/month 
ZZ Permit  $109/month 
EV (Electric Vehicle) Permit  $115/month 
VN (Vendor) Permit  $1,308/year 
PD (Police Department) Permit  $78/month 
Student Permits  Rate Varies by Location 
Motorcycle Permits  $29/semester 
Temporary Permits  Variable
Department Visitor Permits  Variable
Contractor Permits  Rate Varies by Location