Oakland Parking

View of Oakland Campus from above.

The Oakland Transportation Management Association and Pittsburgh Parking Authority maintain a complete list of parking opportunities in Oakland.

Fifth and Craig Garage  412-688-8489 Fifth and Craig St. 
Forbes-Semple Garage  412-560-2504 210 Meyran Ave.
Bakery Square  412-683-3810 6425 Penn Ave.
East Bond Garage  412-23-4455 30 Annie Place
$130/ month    
Ladle Garage  412-323-4455 SouthSide Works
Ingot Garage  412-481-1750 SouthSide Works
Hot Metal Garage  412-488-9112 SouthSide Works
Webster Hall  412-621-4132 101 N. Dithridge St.
Shadyside Garage  412-683-9017 714 Bellefonte St.
Day Lease (Effective 24 Hrs.)    
Night Lease (5pm-9am)    
Pittsburgh Technology Center  412-683-1525 401 Technology Dr.
$210/ month    
Sterling Plaza Garage  412-682-5000 201 N. Craig St.
Day Lease (Effective 24 Hrs.)