Faculty/Staff Parking

Professor at a lectern.

Apply online for a parking permit to campus lots reserved for Pitt faculty and staff. 

When you apply for a permit, you may select up to three different parking facilities as possible choices. Refer to our parking map for lot locations and related information. 

Once you apply for a permit, you'll be added to our waitlist, which is updated weekly. Keep your information current so we can notify you immediately when your space becomes available. Department relocations, lot closings, and accessible parking needs are examples of situations that may affect your position on the waitlist. The OC, PH, SN, and SO facilities also offer hourly and daily rates, and meters are located throughout campus. 

Remember: It's important to display your permit when parking on campus so our parking enforcement staff knows you're allowed to park in your facility. Note that your permit is yours and yours alone—it is non-transferable.