Electric Vehicle Charging

Young man charging his electric vehicle outside the office.

EV Permits are for plug-in vehicles and allow you to park in two locations: Posvar Garage (A) and Soldiers and Sailors Garage (SO). You will have a designated home garage but are permitted to move to the other garage. 

Remember: When you park, it's important to display your permit so our parking enforcement staff knows you're allowed to park in your facility. Your permit is yours and yours alone—it is non-transferable.

Applying for an EV Permit 

To apply for an EV Permit, email a written request to the Parking Office at parking@bc.pitt.edu with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your work address
  • Your campus phone number
  • Your preferred lot choice: Soldiers and Sailors Garage, or Posvar Garage (optional)

If a space is unavailable, you will be placed on the EV waitlist. You will be contacted when space in any EV location becomes available.

Remember: To be issued an EV Permit, you must have a plug-in electric vehicle and be able to provide a copy of your vehicle registration. 

Paying for your Permit 

Simply contact us to pay for your parking permit, don't worry about sending a check or getting your payment in on time. Faculty and staff use a hassle-free automatic payroll deduction so that even if you forget, your account remains in good standing. Be sure to verify that your fees are properly deducted and contact us to report errors so we can quickly resolve them. If a billing error should occur, your monthly fee still applies. 

Permit Rates 

Permit rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

EV (Electric Vehicle) permits $115/month

Garage Access 

Some parkers use their Pitt ID as an access card for their garages. If this is you, please remember to stop in the Parking Services Office anytime you get a new ID so we may update your record in the garage access system. 

EV Charging Locations

Public chargers are located in the following areas:

  • Assembly Garage: 30 Level II Chargers
  • Meade Street Lot: 4 Level II Chargers
  • Posvar Garage: 16 Level II Chargers
  • Soldiers & Sailors Garage: 26 Level II Chargers

Level II Chargers can charge most vehicles within 4-5 hours. With your EV Permit, you can charge your vehicle as needed. When charging is not needed, a regular parking space should be used to increase charging opportunities for others on campus.

Private chargers are located in the following areas:

  • Residences on Bigelow: 4 Chargers*

*Available to residents only.