South Side

Start at the Healthy Ride station located at Fifth Ave & S Bouquet St.

Ride your bike down the one-way street, crossing Forbes Ave onto S Bouquet St. 

Continue on S Bouquet St until you reach Joncaire St.

Turn left onto Joncaire St, followed by a right turn onto Boundary St.

Follow the access point to the Junction Hollow Trail from Boundary St. After a brief time on Junction Hollow Trail, continue on Boundary St.

Turn right onto Saline St. At the end of Saline St (where it meets 2nd Ave), hop onto the sidewalk.

Turn right onto Swinburne St and loop into the trail Parking Lot. From the trail Parking Lot, enter the Eliza Furnace Trail.

Follow the Eliza Furnace Trail until you reach the Hot Metal Bridge. 

Take a left turn onto Hot Metal Bridge. Once you’ve crossed the bridge, make a right turn onto Water St. 

Continue on Water St until you reach 27th St.

Turn left onto 27th St until you reach Sidney St.

Turn right onto Sidney St and continue straight until you reach 23rd St.

Turn right onto 23rd St, followed quickly by a left turn onto Wharton St. Here, you will bike under the Birmingham Bridge on a newly implemented Neighborway.

After you make your way up the ramp, continue straight on Wharton St until you reach 18th St.

At this point of the route, you have two options: 1. Dismount your bike and return it to the Healthy Ride station located at South 18th St & Sidney St or 2. If you want to continue back to Oakland, turn right onto 18th St.

If you chose the second option, make a right turn onto the South Side Trail.

Continue on the South Side Trail until you make it back to the Hot Metal Bridge.

At this point, you can either follow the original path back to the Healthy Ride station at Fifth Ave & S Bouquet St or return your bike at any of Healthy Ride’s stations in Oakland!