Schenley Loop

Start at the Healthy Ride station located at Fifth Ave & South Bouquet St.

Ride your bike down the one-way street, crossing Forbes Ave onto South Bouquet St.

Make a left turn onto the Posvar Passage. Follow the signage until you reach Bigelow Blvd. 

Turn right onto Bigelow Blvd, followed quickly by a left turn onto Roberto Clemete Dr (which will soon turn into Schenley Dr). 

Continue riding on Schenley Dr, taking in the sights of Phipps Conservatory and the Bob O’Connor Golf Course along the way (Pro tip: Be sure to shift your gears low to pedal up the steep hill). 

Turn right onto Darlington Rd.

Continue on Darlington Rd until you reach Circuit Rd. 

Turn right onto Circuit Rd.

Continue on Circuit Rd until you reach Schenley Dr.

Turn left onto Schenley Dr. Once you’re back on Schenley Dr, you can either follow the original path back to the Healthy Ride station at Fifth Ave & South Bouquet St or return your bike at any of the Healthy Ride stations in Oakland!