Rules for Use of University-Owned and Leased Vehicles

To ensure the safety of the Pitt community, we have developed guidelines for the use of University-leased vehicles. The intent is to provide a basic overview of Fleet Services' standard operating procedures, rules, and regulations. The use of a University-leased vehicle is confined strictly to activities that support the University. The guidelines presented are not exhaustive. Departments may develop more stringent policies that should be adhered to. 

Enterprise is the University’s preferred vehicle lease provider. Leasing vehicle(s) from other suppliers who do not have a contract with the University is strongly discouraged. Using outside vendors increases the initial cost and may subject the department and the University to a large monetary loss in the event of a vehicle accident. Contracts negotiated by the University include lower rates, full insurance coverage, and lower insurance deductibles.   

Authorization to Drive a University-Leased Vehicle 

Only authorized University personnel will be permitted to drive a vehicle leased to the University. Becoming an authorized driver and using a University-leased vehicle is a privilege, not a right. An authorized driver may have their authorization revoked at any time. Be advised that it is an employee's responsibility to notify their supervisor if their license is suspended or revoked.

Use of a University-leased vehicle is restricted to University-related activities only. Any liability arising from unauthorized use of a University-leased vehicle is the sole responsibility of the driver and their personal auto insurance.  

Authorized Drivers 

The following criteria must be met to obtain approval for use of University-leased vehicle: 

  • Must be an active employee or affiliate of the University.   
  • Must have a valid driver’s license. 
  • Must complete and sign the Drivers Release section of the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Request for Driver Information Form. Information obtained from the DMV check, including actions and violations, will be reviewed and may be used to disqualify individuals from using a University-leased vehicle. 

Learn more about our criteria for authorized drivers of University-leased vehicles

Rules for Use of University-Owned and Leased Vehicles 

You are publicly representing the University of Pittsburgh when operating a University-leased vehicle. As the driver of a University-leased vehicle, you are responsible for ensuring that both you and your passengers represent the University in a professional manner. Authorized drivers and passengers must agree to the following: 

  • Use vehicle for official University purposes only. University-leased vehicles should never be driven or parked at a private residence.
  • Observe all applicable traffic laws, ordinances, and regulations, following safe driving practices at all times.  
  • Assume all responsibility for any fines or traffic violations associated with your use of a University-leased vehicle. 
  • Inspect the vehicle before and after each use. Report any defects and/or malfunctions immediately to a supervisor and Fleet Services. 
  • Use seat belt(s) at all times.   
  • Refrain from smoking in any University-leased vehicle. 
  • Do not transport unauthorized passengers.
  • Do not permit unauthorized individuals to drive any University-leased vehicle. 
  • Remove keys from the vehicle and lock vehicle doors any time the vehicle is left unattended.  
  • Do not use any handheld mobile devices while operating a University-leased vehicle. 
  • Place a copy of the following information in a University-leased vehicle:

Reporting Vehicle Accidents  

All University drivers must follow University protocol when an accident occurs. All accidents must immediately be reported within 24-48 hours after the accidents has occurred to our our 24/7 emergency line and campus police. Please contact local law authorities when applicable.  

Department of Motor Vehicle Report for all University Drivers 

The Fleet Services Office will conduct DMV checks on all employees who meet our criteria to operate a University-leased vehicle. Determine your eligibility to become an authorized driver and complete the application process by filling out both the Department of Motorized Vehicles Request for Driver Information and Driver's License Employment Background Investigation forms. 

Once the DMV results are returned, the Fleet Services Administrator will determine and inform the employee via email if they are eligible to operate a University-leased vehicle. Upon determining that a University driver is ineligible, Fleet Services will provide written notification to both the applicant and the applicant’s supervisor. 

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us at (412) 624-1415. 

Managing Department Assigned Leased Vehicle 

Departments in possession of a University-leased vehicle must track all University personnel driving the vehicle. This is the duty of a Designated Responsible Authority (DRA) who is assigned by the department head. DRA’s will assist Fleet Services in compliance with driver-related regulations. University personnel that drive University-leased vehicles must have their driver’s license checked annually for validity by Fleet Services staff. 

Fueling University-Leased Vehicles 

The University is exempt from federal fuel taxes. To take advantage of this exemption, University vehicles should be fueled at on-campus fueling locations whenever possible. While away from campus, drivers should use a Fleet Services-issued fuel credit card. Use of the University fuel pumps and the fuel credit card are the only two means by which the University receives an exemption from federal fuel taxes. 

When fueling a vehicle with the fuel credit card, select a self-service pump and the lowest octane fuel recommended by the manufacturer. 

Fuel cards can be ordered by the Department Administrator. The department ordering a fuel card must have a 32-digit University billing account number. For more information, please contact us at (412) 624-1415 or via email at