Fleet Services

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Welcome to Fleet Services! We provide a wide array of services to the Pitt community. Learn more about what we offer below:


Monthly Fuel Breakdown

Parking University Vehicle

When driving a  vehicle on behalf of the University, you are responsible not only for the vehicle, but you are publicly representing the University of Pittsburgh. As a reminder, University vehicles must never be parked in a Bike Lane, Tow Away Zone, No Parking Zone, or a Handicap/ADA (Americans with Disability Act) Parking Space. Parking in spaces designated as "Handicap/ADA" is limited exclusively for that purpose. Vehicles parked in these spaces without proper authorization will be ticketed.

Additionally, according to the PA General Assembly: A person may not obstruct a space on public or private property reserved for a person with a disability or a part of a curb ramp or the access aisle adjacent to a parking space reserved for a person with a disability in a manner that would prevent a person or wheelchair or personal mobility device from entering or leaving a vehicle legally parked in an adjoining space.

Parking in these spaces can result in a $200 violation as shown below:

Pittsburgh Parking Authority List of Infractions - Law #2D, Article 3354D2, Law Code 3354D2, Description: Parked where signed for H/P or disabled, HHC Description: d2 H/P Pkg Only-Res; Fine - $200; Fee $30.50; Meter - yes; Timing - no; Sign - HP; Report - 03Aerial photo of Oakland at Bigelow Boulevard showing the designated handicap spots on the right side of the street.

Towing Services

In regards to towing, the environment today is very different than it was prior to 2020. See below on stats regarding the towing industry.  Good news is, the Enterprise National Service Department is able to do a TON of leg work when it comes to setting up the tow, but please be patient, as now with fewer companies and drivers to call upon, we are seeing longer wait times with setting up a tow / getting tow truck out to the scene.

Always appreciate your time and want to make sure you are aware of the current events in the industry.

  • There are now 20% fewer companies offering towing services than 2020.
  • There are also 17% fewer tow truck drivers than 2020.
  • Pre-pandemic our partners would make 1-2 phone calls per roadside event in order to secure a service provider, today that number is over 10 phone calls per event (again speaks to staffing and equipment shortages).
  • Silver lining in this area is that the vast majority of roadside events are going well, according to CSAT scores.
    • Drivers receive a text asking for a rating, and overall our drivers are rating services 4.5/5.


Vehicle Rentals

Effective September 1, 2019, Fleet Management is no longer renting vehicles. Learn how to rent vehicles for your next trip.

Partnership with Enterprise

Read more about our partnership with Enterprise, which will allow us to upgrade our fleet with alternative energy vehicles, further supporting the University’s commitment to making the campus carbon neutral by 2037.

EFleet Management Program

The University of Pittsburgh is participating in the Enterprise Fleet Management Program to obtain vehicles from Enterprise for University use.

Insuring University-Owned and Leased Vehicles

University-owned vehicle operators must carry a Financial Responsibility Insurance Identification Card which indicates proof of insurance.

Mobile Device Guidelines

The University is committed to the safety of our employees. Please review Mobile Device Guidelines for operation of all University vehicles.

Vehicle Safety Tips

Stay safe on the road with our useful tips and tricks

Contact Us

For questions regarding University-leased vehicles or other general inquiries, contact us via email at fleetservices@bas.pitt.edu.