Car & Vanpools

Masked colleagues carpooling to campus

We are committed to cutting the high cost of commuting by offering car and vanpooling options through our partnerships with CommuteInfo and Commute with Enterprise! Car and vanpooling are less expensive, convenient ways to commute to campus. Save money on parking, maintenance, gas, and more by riding with people who live along your route. 

Carpools & Vanpools 

The concept of carpools and vanpools is the same. People share a ride from home or a meeting location and commute together to a common destination, such as work or school. The more people you have riding together, the less your commute will cost. 

Carpools and vanpools have two distinct differences: the number of people involved and the type of vehicle used.  

Carpools generally consist of 2-5 people who use one of the participants’ personal vehicles. At least one participant in a carpool group must have a Pitt parking permit to register a carpool group. You can work directly with CommuteInfo to find a match if you are interested in joining a carpool but do not know someone with a Pitt parking permit.  

Vanpools generally consist of 5-12 people and use SUVs or vans leased through CommuteInfo in partnership with Commute with Enterprise.