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Read Green Mailings

On January 27, 2019 new postage rates from the United States Postal Service will take effect. A first class letter will increase to .55 cents when mailed with a postage stamp, while the cost to mail a first class letter using a postage meter will increase to .50 cents. A postcard stamp will remain the same at .35 cents.
Please review the link below for helpful information regarding mailing with the United States Postal Service and the January 2019 Price Change:

Effective February 2014, there are changes to the processing of Read Green mailings. Senders must complete the Faculty/Staff Mailing Request form that can be accessed here. You will need to complete the form entirely including both the Email Subject Line and Email Description. In addition, the form will require a signature from the Dean Director or Department Chairman. A five tier pricing structure has been established for the listed email quantities as follows:


Tier I 1 – 2,500 $100
Tier II 2,501 – 7,500 $250
Tier III 7,501 – 12,500 $500
Tier IV 12,501 – 17,500 $750
Tier V 17,501 - above $1,250



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