The University of Pittsburgh’s Ship2Pitt Program is partnering with UPS to elevate the student Move-In experience while enhancing social distancing efforts. Ship2Pitt provides on-campus students pre-paid UPS Ground shipping service. Each student will receive 5 pre-paid shipping labels, and deliveries will be conveniently routed through our warehouse for a security scan before they are sent directly to your residence hall room. 

Read the instructions below before creating your labels.


Ship2Pitt Process

On July 10, 2020, each on-campus resident will receive an email from Panther Central letting them know that they are able to create their Ship2Pitt labels by following the instructions on this page. 

Note: You will only be able to create your shipping labels from July 10, 2020 through August 21st.  We encourage all parcels to be shipped 10 days prior to your designated move-in date to streamline delivery to your room. Parcels shipped less than 10 days before your designated move-in date will be delivered to your residence hall mail facility and will require pick up.

Each resident will be able to create 5 shipping labels to ship 5 packages. You will be required to fill out detailed shipping information and to specify whether you want to have your packages picked up at your home or taken to a UPS Store. 

You will receive an email notification from UPS once your packages are delivered to our centralized location for a security scan, and you will receive an additional email notification once your packages are delivered to your residence hall room.

Preparing Your Packages

Ship2Pitt will provide 5 pre-paid shipping labels. Each student will be required to supply their own shipping materials. Please follow the Preparing Your Package guidelines. We recommend using boxes no bigger than 20x20x20. Your packed boxes should not weigh more than 50 lbs. per box.

Do not ship the following items: 

  • Panther Card (Pitt ID) 
  • Medication or other items needed immediately 
  • Liquids (laundry detergent, soap, bottled water, etc.)
  • Other prohibited items (refer to UPS Shipping Guidelines for a complete list)

Filling Out Your Shipping Information 

Ship From: Fill in your name, home address, city, state, postal code, phone number, and email address.

Ship To: This information will automatically default to our centralized delivery location. 

Note: This is a temporary address used exclusively for Ship2Pitt. Future deliveries should be addressed directly to your residence hall address.

Shipment Information 

  • UPS Service – UPS Ground will be the default (this is the only available service through Ship2Pitt)
  • Label Delivery Method 
    • If you choose View and Print, you will be able to view and print your labels to a desktop printer. Ensure your labels are securely attached using packing tape or a UPS Address Pouch.
    • If you choose UPS Direct to Mobile Email, a QR code will be sent to your email. Take your packages to the UPS Store, show them the code, and they will add the labels to your packages.
  • Packages – please include the weight for each package.
  • Your residence hall, room number and bed space (e.g. Tower B, 1104-2).
  • Your PeopleSoft Number. 
  • Number of packages you are shipping (maximum of 5).
  • Declared value for your shipment (up to $1,000 per box).

Once all information is verified, you can Process Shipment

If you chose the View and Print option, print your label. You can “click here to schedule a pickup.”

If you chose UPS Direct to Mobile Email please take your items to the UPS Store and show your QR code to have your packages labeled. Find your nearest UPS Store.

On-Campus Package Assistance 

If you move into your housing assignment and find unexpected packages addressed to someone else, please contact the Ship2Pitt team at They’ll coordinate pickup and get the packages to the right place. 

Housing Questions 

If you have questions about University Housing, please contact Panther Central at, or visit the Housing COVID-19 Response portal


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I ship my packages?

You can start shipping your packages as early as July 10, 2020. You will be able to generate your Ship2Pitt UPS labels from July 10, 2020 through the end of August 2020. We strongly encourage you to ship your packages ten days before your designated move-in date to ensure they are delivered to your room before your arrival. Packages shipped less than 10 days before your move-in date will be delivered to our central facility for a security scan and will then be delivered to your residence hall mailroom. You will receive an email when your packages have been processed by the Student Mailroom and are ready for pick up.  Please expect a 2-3 day delay in receiving packages that are shipped less than 10 days before your designated move-in date. 

Will my packages be insured?

Yes, each package is automatically insured for $100. Additional insurance up to $1,000 will be available for each package at no additional cost to you.  

How can I track my package?

Visit to track your package. Your tracking number will begin with 1ZE18631.

How will I know when my Ship2Pitt packages have been delivered to my residence hall room?

You will receive a Ship2Pitt Delivery Notification when your package has been delivered to your residence hall room.  

Please allow 3-5 days for processing from our centralized location to your residence hall. 

Will all Ship2Pitt packages be delivered to my residence hall room?

Yes, your Ship2Pitt packages will be delivered directly to your room.

Note: Only Ship2Pitt packages will be delivered directly to your residence hall room.  All other packages will be sent directly to your residence hall mailroom for processing.  

If I order a package directly from an online vendor, will they be delivered to my room?

No, these packages will be delivered directly to your residence hall mailroom. We know many people choose to order items direct from an online vendor (Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Amazon, Target, etc.). Ensure you use your residence hall mailing address for these orders. Your orders will be delivered to your residence hall mailroom and you will receive an email notification once they have been processed and are ready for pick-up.

Is this really a free service?

Yes, you will receive 5 shipping labels. Should you exceed the 5 labels, your University account will be charged the additional cost.

Am I required to ship my items to campus? 

No, you are not required to ship your items. However, we strongly encourage you to utilize the Ship2Pitt program to reduce your wait time during move-in. 

Can I utilize the Ship2Pitt program, if I live in an off-campus apartment? 

Ship2Pitt is available only to students residing in on-campus University housing. 

What if I have additional Ship2Pitt questions?

You can contact Panther Central directly at (412-648-1100) or email

How will I ship my belongings home if the University or I decide to go virtual?

The University will pay to return your items to your home address at no cost to you through September 4th, which is the last day of the add/drop period. Starting September 5th, each student will be responsible for shipping their items. The University will assist with this service, however, the student will be billed the financial cost.