Frequently Asked Questions About Express Mail

Does the University of Pittsburgh have a preferred vendor for my express mail shipments?

Yes, the University’s preferred express and ground shipment carrier is UPS.

Does UPS deliver to post office boxes?

No. The address must be a physical street address compliant with the United States Postal Service. Campus addresses also are not acceptable. For example, 315 S. Bellefield Ave. is an acceptable delivery address; Bellefield Hall is not.

How can I order UPS shipping supplies?

You can either fax your order to the Express Mail Office at 412-624-6590 or order your shipping supplies online.

How do I get backup for a charge on my levels?

Fax a copy of your levels to 412-624-6590, with the charge in question circled.

How do I arrange for UPS to pick up my package?

You have three options.

  • You can drop off your next-day letters, second-day letters, and international deliveries at any of the more than 30 UPS letter centers on the University’s Oakland campus. Locate letter center locations and pick-up times closest to you.
  • If you are shipping a package, call 1-800-PICK-UPS to arrange for a pick-up by a UPS driver. Set up your CampusShip account.
  • If you have regular daily shipments, you can schedule a regular pick-up with UPS by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS. UPS will arrange to pick up your packages each day at the same time. Be sure to set up a CampusShip account first.
If I put my express mail letter inside a drop box, will UPS pick it up that day?

Each box has a pick-up time on it. If you put your package inside a drop box before the pick-up time, your package will be picked up that day.

Is it safe to leave my package outside of a drop box if it is too big to fit inside?

If you choose to leave your package outside of a UPS drop box, you do so at your own discretion. If something happens to your package, neither UPS nor the University of Pittsburgh can be held liable.

How do I arrange for a ground shipment?

The University’s ground shipment contract also is with UPS. You must have a CampusShip account to use this service. Set up your CampusShip account.

How do I void a shipment after the 24-hour time frame?

Fax a copy of the label with a note attached to the Express Mail Office (412-624-6590) to void the shipment.

What if I don’t know the exact weight of my package?

Make the best guess that you can. Find another weight to compare to your package. For example, a pint of water or soda (16 fluid ounces) weighs approximately one pound.

How do I ship a package for Saturday delivery?

To find out whether your shipment destination has Saturday delivery available, go to, click on the Shipping tab and then click on the Calculate Time and Cost link. 
If Saturday service is available:

  • Begin your shipment in CampusShip.
  • Click on the blue button that says Add Shipping Options at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click in the box that says Saturday Delivery. (You can find this box located in the Shipment Information section on the right-hand side).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on either Preview Shipment or Ship Now.
How do I insure my UPS package?

UPS automatically insures each package up to $100. You, the shipper, can purchase additional insurance for shipments valued at more than $100. The cost for this service is $0.60 for each additional $100 of insured value. To insure your package, simply enter the value of the shipment in the Declared Value field on the main shipping screen within CampusShip. For example, if you are shipping a computer worth $1,500, type 1500 in the Declared Value field.

What is the benefit of insuring my package?

If your package is worth more than $100 and you do not insure it, you can receive no more than $100 in compensation if your package is lost or damaged.

If UPS can’t meet my delivery needs, what other vendors can I use?

Although UPS is the University of Pittsburgh’s preferred vendor, the University also has accounts with FedEx, DHL/Airborne, Menlo Worldwide Forwarding (a UPS company), Marken Time Critical Express, and World Courier. If you are interested in using one of those vendors, please call the Express Mail Office at 412-624-6500.

How can I ship hazardous materials or chemicals?

Before shipping hazardous materials, first contact the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Office at 412-624-9505 to make sure you are in compliance with all shipping regulations.

What carriers accept live animals for shipment?

The University has accounts with several shippers that will transport live animals, including Marken Time Critical Express, Menlo Worldwide Forwarding (a UPS company), and World Courier. Please call the Express Mail Office at 412-624-6500 for assistance in arranging such shipments.

How can I arrange for same-day delivery of my package?

UPS provides a same-day service called Express Critical. Call 1-800-451-4550 for more information about this service.