Express Mail

Express Mail and Shipping

Sometimes your letter or package simply must be delivered in the next day or two. For those occasions, the University of Pittsburgh now uses ProShip to create your shipping labels for next-day letters and packages, second-day letters and packages, and Saturday deliveries.

Expedited delivery is more expensive than slower alternatives, although our contract with both UPS and Federal Express provide the University with significant savings on the cost of such services. You should use express mail only when the urgency of your shipment justifies the additional cost. You should not use express mail for local deliveries. The University uses a courier service for same-day local delivery.

Express Mail Services


ProShip is a  convenient and secure Web-based shipping system that enables members of the University community to ship Express packages and letters from any computer with Internet access. Any University employee with a Pitt computing ID who sends express mail or ground shipments must use ProShip. For ease of use, we recommend accessing ProShip with the latest version of Firefox. 

ProShip is a one-stop shopping experience that allows you to rate shop for all of your shipping needs.  This program conveniently shows our shippers, pricing, and the services that are available.  This program will be the replacement for the current systems of UPS CampusShip and FedEx Ship Manager.  ProShip is a user-friendly interface that allows departments to make conscientious and cost-effective decisions. 

There is no need to fill out endless shipping labels. Simply create a personal address book in ProShip and automatically generate the labels you use regularly.

Tracking a package is simple. ProShip keeps a record of all your shipments on your computer for quick reference. ProShip produces shipping labels with a few simple keystrokes.

Hazardous Materials

To determine whether the material is classified as hazardous, please call the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Office at 412-624-9505.

Shipping Supplies

If you re-use a shipping box, you must completely remove all stickers, labels, and markings before shipping the package. To order shipping supplies, fill out our mailing supplies order form.

Preparing Your Package For Shipment

Careful preparation of your package helps to ensure safe delivery. Learn more about proper preparation of your packages for shipment via UPS or view information and recommendations from both UPS and FedEx detailed below: 

Tracking Your Shipment

It is easy to track your shipment with UPS. All you need is the UPS tracking number or reference number. Access the UPS WebTracking page.

UPS Drop Boxes on Campus

There are more than 30 UPS letter centers on the University’s Oakland campus where you can drop off your next-day letters, second-day letters, and international deliveries.

If you are shipping a package, use ProShip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the University of Pittsburgh have a preferred vendor for my express mail shipments?

No, the University of Pittsburgh does not have a preferred vendor for your express mail shipments.

Does UPS deliver to post office boxes?

No, the address must be a physical street address compliant with the United States Postal Service. Campus addresses are also not acceptable. For example, 315 S. Bellefield Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15213 is an acceptable delivery address; Bellefield Hall is not.

How can I order UPS or Federal Express shipping supplies?

Ordering UPS supplies is available through the link located in the Help section of ProShip. Information for ordering Federal Express supplies can be obtained by emailing the Express Mail Office at

How do I get back up for a charge on my levels?

Fax a copy of your levels to 412-624-6590, or email the Express Mail Office at with the charge in question circled.

How do I arrange for UPS or Federal Express to pick up my package?

You have three options in arranging for UPS or Federal Express to pick up your packages:

  1. You can drop off your next-day letters, second-day letters, and international deliveries at any of the more than 30 UPS letter centers on the University's Oakland campus. Locate letter center locations and pick-up times closest to you.
  2. If you are shipping a package, call 1-800-377-4877 to arrange for a pick-up by a UPS driver or 1-800-463-3339 for Federal Express.
  3. Use the UPS Pickup Request link located on your dashboard in ProShip.
If I put my express mail letter inside a drop box, will UPS pick it up that day?

Each box has a pick-up time on it. If you put your package inside a drop box before the pick-up time, your package will be picked up that day.

Is it safe to leave my package outside of a drop box if it is too big to fit inside?

If you choose to leave your package outside of a UPS drop box, you do so at your own discretion. If something happens to your package, neither UPS nor the University of Pittsburgh can be held liable.

How do I void a shipment on ProShip before the 8:00 PM close-out or end-of-day?

Go to your History (User) report in the Reports icon, locate the tracking number that needs to be voided, and click on the small envelope icon with the red circle in the bottom right-hand corner. A new window appears asking if you are sure you want to void that shipment. Click yes and another window appears verifying that the void process was successful. Please note: Only UPS shipments need to be voided before the close-out or end-of-day on the same day the label was created.

How do I void a shipment after the end-of-day runs?

Email the Express Mail Office at with the tracking number that needs to be voided. The shipment will still be billed by UPS but will receive a Void Credit within 1-2 billing cycles.

What if I don't know the exact weight of my package?

Make the best guess that you can. Most express carriers now use a dimensional weight to rate the shipments. Dimensional weight is L x W x H divided by 139, round up if necessary.

How do I ship a package for Saturday delivery?

Saturday delivery is not available in all areas but is usually available in the larger metropolitan areas.

How do I insure my UPS package?

Express carriers do not ‘insure’ packages but they do offer liability for loss and damage for each package up to $100. You, the shipper, can purchase additional liability for loss and damage for shipments valued at more than $100. The cost for this service is approximately $0.85 for each additional $100 of declared value. To claim additional value for your package, simply enter the full value of the shipment in the Declared Value field in ProShip.

What is the benefit of insuring my package?

If your package is worth more than $100 and you do not claim the additional value, you can receive no more than $100 in compensation if your package is lost or damaged.

If UPS can't meet my delivery needs, what other vendors can I use?

The University also has accounts with FedEx, DHL, MNX (formerly Airnet), and World Courier. If you are interested in using one of those vendors, please call the Express Mail Office at 412-624-6500.

How can I ship hazardous materials or chemicals?

Before shipping hazardous materials, first contact the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Office at 412-624-9505 to make sure you are in compliance with all shipping regulations. Information is also available in the Help section of ProShip.

What carriers accept live animals for shipment?

The University has accounts with several shippers that will transport live animals, World Courier and MNX (formerly Airnet). Please call the Express Mail Office at 412-624-6500 or email the Express Mail Office at for assistance in arranging such shipments.

How can I arrange for same-day delivery of my package?

UPS provides a same-day service called Custom Critical. Call 1-800-714-8779 or email for more information about this service. Federal Express also offers Same Day Service and can be contacted at or call 1-800-399-5999 to request a rate quote or schedule a pickup.

Contact the Express Mail Office

Call us, or e-mail us for answers to your shipping questions. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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