Campus Mail Overview

Campus Mail is a free on-campus mail service that handles the collection and delivery of all official University correspondence. Providing one- to two-day delivery, it is a service made available to all University departments. Mailing Services collects, sorts, and delivers approximately 18,500 pieces of campus mail each day. Simply place campus mail in specially marked boxes located throughout the University campus.

Building Service Times 

Building service times are published for each campus building and those that house University departments. Our drivers scan a barcode when they arrive at and depart each pick-up and delivery site so that we can monitor how closely we adhere to our schedules. Please note that schedules may fluctuate because of unexpected traffic patterns and inclement weather conditions. View our building service times schedule

Addressing Campus Mail 

Addressing is the most important factor affecting the campus mail system. Improperly addressed envelopes cannot be delivered in a timely manner and require additional handling. Include the intended recipient's name, department, building abbreviation, and room number. A properly formatted address would look like the following example.

Jane Smith
Office of Budget and Controller
1817 CL

Look up the campus address of your recipient.

For larger campus mailings (200 or more pieces), address with computer labels and sort in building order. To save time and free staff resources, Mailing Services can address the pieces for you. Call 412-624-6500 for more information, or visit addressing.

Tips for Campus Mail 

  • Include the words "Campus Mail" in the upper right-hand corner of any materials that are not sent in an interoffice envelope.
  • When sending materials in used interoffice envelopes, be sure to scratch off all old addresses.
  • Separate U.S. mail from campus mail.
  • Separate international mail from domestic mail.
  • Mail to branch campuses cannot be sent via campus mail as postage is required. 
  • Materials that should not be sent through Campus Mail include currency, library books, and personal items.

Campus Mail Envelopes 

Unwanted or used interoffice envelopes can be returned via campus mail to Mailing Services, 7500 Thomas Boulevard. Please neatly bundle or box the items.

Need more used interoffice envelopes? Simply call Mailing Services at 412-624-6500. Depending upon our supply, we’ll deliver them to your department. You can order new interoffice envelopes online through any approved University office supplier.

Mail Service for Hospitals in Oakland 

Mailing Services provides campus mail service to UPMC hospitals in Oakland through the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center mail facility. Therefore please allow additional delivery time. Please note, this service does not include the VA Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Mailing Supplies Order Form

Need to order mailing supplies? Contact us at or visit the United States Postal Service's official site

Are You Moving to Another Location on Campus? 

If you or your department plans to move, complete an online change of address form.