Bulk Mail

Do you need to send a lot of mail but have a limited budget? Our bulk mail operation could be the cost-effective answer to your problem. If you are mailing invitations or a newsletter, an announcement or a survey, or 200 pieces or more of just about anything, we can help save you time and money. Sending bulk mail may seem a little daunting to those who aren’t familiar with the process; therefore, we encourage you to call us at 412-624-6500, and we’ll walk you through every step!

Our bulk mail operation offers a complete range of postal automation processes that can add up to additional money-saving discounts for your department.

Postal Automation

The more that mail can be automated, the more it can be discounted. Our automated processes include:

  • Address database management: If you e-mail us your mailing list or provide it on a disk, we will:
    • Combine lists.
    • Merge/purge (duplicate elimination).
    • Match addresses against the United States Postal Service national database for CASS certification.
    • Correct zip codes.
    • Provide 4-digit zip code add-ons.
    • “Scrub” your list for accuracy and bar-code your mail pieces to expedite handling by the United States Postal Service.
  • Addressing: Provide us with your mailing list via e-mail or on a disk, and our new, high-speed, high-quality ink-jet printer will quickly and economically apply your addresses and individual bar codes directly onto your mailing pieces. We also affix your cheshire and pressure-sensitive labels. 
  • Bar coding: University Mailing Services gets you the best possible United States Postal Service discounts by bar-coding your mail and ensuring that it meets addressing, readability, and other requirements for handling by United States Postal Service automated equipment. This also gives you the advantage of maximum deliverability.
  • Inserting and sealing: Our automated inserting equipment can enclose as many as six inserts, such as questionnaires, flyers, forms, and reply envelopes. If you have more than six inserts, we’ll be happy to stuff them manually.
  • Metering: We’ll automatically weigh your packages and determine the correct postage for the appropriate class of mail.
  • Zip code sorting: We’ll pre-sort your mailing by zip code to obtain the best possible discount from the United States Postal Service.

Nonprofit Rates

Mailing Services also offers the money-saving advantage of a special bulk rate for nonprofit organizations. This is the most economical means of mailing. Our permit imprint is available for official University use. A minimum of 200 pieces, or 50 pounds of mailers, of identical size and weight of non-First Class materials, qualify for this rate. The maximum weight for each mailer is 15.9 ounces. Delivery by the United States Postal Service using the standard bulk rate can take from three to 10 days. The postage rate is based on size, shape, and weight. Contact our Customer Service Center at 412-624-6500 for the rates for your specific mailing.

First-Class Permit

If your mailing is time sensitive and must arrive sooner, we also have a first-class permit available for official University use. The first-class permit for a mailing requires a minimum of 500 pieces, although larger identical items can be mailed with a minimum of 50 pounds. This means that you can mail only 100 items using the first-class permit if each item weighs eight ounces. [8 oz. = ½ 1b. ½ lb. x 100 pieces = 50 lbs.] The maximum weight limit for each item is 15.9 ounces.

If you plan to use the University’s postal permit for a mailing, you must contact our Customer Service Center at 412-624-6500 before you print the piece. 

Packaging Bulk Mail 

Bulk mail should be packaged carefully to avoid damage in transit. Please do not place mail in cardboard boxes or send loose. Proper mailing containers are available through University Mailing Services by calling 412-624-6500. The mailing requisition should be attached securely to the mailing container. Multi-container mailings should have copies of the mailing requisition attached to each container.

Call our Customer Service Center at 412-624-6500 for more information about how to get your mass mailing moving.