Mailing Services Updates


Campus Mail manages the collection and delivery of all University correspondence, a service available to all departments. We continue to receive and sort mail as an essential service to the Pitt community. Due to extensive campus building closures, mail is being held for pick up at the campus mailroom and is only being delivered upon department request. Please contact Mailing Services at for more information. 

Packages delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, UPS and FedEx are now being delivered directly to the campus mailroom. If a package is received for a building that is open, Campus Mail will deliver it. If a building is closed, Campus Mail will notify the recipient and hold packages in the mail room for pick up.

PantherExpress Order Delivery

Many suppliers ship orders by U.S. Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx, which will be delivered as outlined above.

Packages delivered by individual suppliers with their own delivery fleets (i.e. Matheson Gas and Access) will still be delivered to the mailing address used at the time of ordering. Departments must coordinate receipt of those deliveries directly with the supplier.

Orders delivered by SUPRA via their own delivery fleet will be delivered directly to the campus mailroom beginning the week of November 16, except for BST, BST3, Scaife Hall, Technology Drive, and hospital locations. Please contact us via email at to coordinate special arrangements. 

Panther Express is working to allow a limited number of items to be shipped to your home. Visit the PantherExpress website for additional information. 

Picking Up Your Mail 

You can pick up your departmental mail from the University of Pittsburgh Faculty and Staff Mailroom, Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM. You will be required to show your University ID.

You can also drop off any outgoing first-class mail with a completed mail requisition form. Please have your mail here by 11:00 AM if you want it to go out the same day. 

Days and hours of operation are subject to change during holidays and University breaks.


University of Pittsburgh
Mailing Services, Suite 151
7500 Thomas Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15208


If you are traveling on Thomas Blvd. with Westinghouse Park on your left, please be advised that GPS and MapQuest directions usually do not acknowledge that you cannot proceed straight down Thomas Blvd. because there is a complex at the three-way intersection. You must turn right onto North Lexington Ave. and then make a left onto Meade Street. Continue down Meade Street to the traffic light and turn left onto Braddock Ave. Then, make a left onto Thomas Blvd., which is next turn from Braddock Ave.

If you are traveling from the Parkway area, the closest major intersection is Braddock Ave. and Penn Ave. You will turn left onto Thomas Blvd. from of Braddock Ave. and 7500 is the last building on the right-hand side. 

Drive past the loading docks and enter through the double doors at the back of the building. Ring bell for admittance.

Contact Campus Mail 

Contact us by phone at 412-624-6664 or email at


Upon leaving campus, please complete the online form to forward mail and packages to your current address

If you have not completed a forward request, mail and parcels remain available for pick-up at Panther Post in the Towers Lobby. Satellite mail locations are closed at this time - Mail from these locations has been forwarded to Panther Post in Towers.  

If you have any questions, please contact Panther Post at 412-648-1156 or email