Advantages of Vanpooling

Emergency Ride Home

The CommuteInfoSM Emergency Ride Home program is available for all registered fulltime, full-fare vanpoolers who have an emergency and need to leave campus before the end of the day.

Vanpool Courtesy Parking

Courtesy parking is available for all full-time, registered vanpool members in case the need arises to drive their own vehicles to work. Courtesy parking is available to those who qualify up to six times per fiscal year. 

As with all incentives, discounts, and other programs that rely on the relatively small number of campus parking spaces available, a measure of control is necessary. Therefore, a temporary hangtag for a specific lot or garage will be issued to the registered vanpooler. The temporary hangtag may be picked up (with valid University ID or driver's license) the day before it is needed, in 204 Brackenridge Hall. The hangtags are valid in the Soldiers and Sailors Garage, the O'Hara Garage, and in the OC Lot.

Call Parking Services if you have any questions, at 412-624-4034.

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