Savings and Benefits

Emergency Ride Home

The Commute Info Emergency Ride Home program is available for all registered fulltime, full-fare carpoolers who have an emergency and need to leave campus before the end of the day.

Save money, wear, and tear 

Carpoolers can save hundreds of dollars each year on fuel and parking costs. In addition, carpooling may mean you'll use your car less often, helping you to extend its life.

Reduce stress and use your time better 

Share the driving responsibilities, and watch your stress level drop! You can use your commute to catch up on reading, work…even sleep.

Improve the community

Fewer cars on the road means cleaner air and less congested highways.

Purchase only one Pitt parking permit for your entire registered carpool

If you have your own permit now but are planning to join a carpool, you can turn in your permit by the third working day of the month and you won't be charged for that month.

Subtract $5 per month from the regular permit price for each rider in your carpool, (up to three) not counting the driver. For example, a registered carpool group with one driver and one passenger will save $60 a year on their carpool permit.

Carpool Courtesy Parking

University commuting alternatives incentives include courtesy parking. Registered riders use courtesy parking for their own vehicle when the primary driver does not come to work that day, or when the rider must leave work before the carpool leaves for the day. Each rider or driver may use the courtesy parking incentive up to two times per term, or six times per year.

Remember, your carpool hangtag provides valid parking for one vehicle. If a rider parks another vehicle on campus the same day, be sure to display the temporary courtesy hangtag or pay the daily parking fee.

As with all incentives, discounts, and other programs that rely on the relatively small number of campus parking spaces available, a measure of control is necessary. Therefore, a temporary hangtag for a specific lot or garage will be issued to the registered carpooler. The temporary hangtag may be picked up (with valid University ID or driver's license) the day before it is needed, in 204 Brackenridge Hall. The hangtags are valid in the Soldiers and Sailors Garage, the O'Hara Garage, and the OC Lot.