Register Your Bike

Free Bike Registration 

From the original purchase to routine maintenance, your bicycle represents a significant investment. Think about it: You pay for a sturdy U-lock. You look for the best possible parking spot. That’s why it makes sense to take one extra step and register your bicycle. 

How to Register

Registering your bicycle online through the Parking Services Office is free and easy to do!

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Why Register Your Bike?

  • It deters theft.
  • It can help in the identification of lost or stolen bicycles.
  • It helps support additional amenities on campus.
  • It provides a way for us to communicate with you about special events and activities.

Registration Regulations

  • It's unlawful to park a bicycle in a manner that endangers pedestrians or private property.
  • A bicycle rack or locker is the most convenient place for you to park your bike on campus. Racks are available at nearly every University building.