Bike Lockers

Individual bicycle lockers are located near Sutherland Hall and Wesley W. Posvar Hall Pass-Thru.

Bicycle Locker availability varies by term. Contact the Parking Services Office at 412-624-4034 or by e-mail at to inquire about locker availability.

How to Rent

Waiting List

If there are no lockers available, you may add yourself to our Bicycle Locker Waiting List. 

Wiaiting List Application


The rental of the lockers is $40 per term plus a $10 refundable key deposit which will be returned to you at the end of the term when you return your key. 

All personal property left in lockers after keys are returned will be considered abandoned property and disposed of by the University. 

Secure and Weatherproof

The lockers are durable and totally enclose the bicycle, protecting it from rain and snow. There is also room for your helmet, riding shoes, and other accessories. When you close the door, the lock recesses into the handle, making the locker very safe and secure, and protecting your bicycle from the elements.