On-Campus Parking & Mobility Updates

Whatever your preferred method of transportation, we’ve got you covered with the information and updates you’ll need to get around at Pitt. 

What to Expect On Campus

This summer, you’ll continue to find COVID-19 safety protocols in place for all parking and mobility services, from physical distancing and frequent cleaning to the use of face coverings and physical barriers at staffed locations. Learn more

What’s Next for Parking & Mobility

As we see shifts in how and when people commute to campus, COVID-19 has caused us to accelerate the transformation of parking and mobility on campus, providing more flexible solutions

Pittsburgh Regional Transit Partnership

Pittsburgh Regional Transit is following an in-depth plan to support rider safety, including enhanced cleaning and sanitizing. Explore this partnership

Carpools and Vanpools

Carpools and vanpools continue to be offered to commute to and from campus with others in your area, with vanpool parking free for riders. Contact us to learn more!


Parking Services continues to offer flexible parking options both hourly and by permit. 


A wide range of bike parking and storage options remain available, as well as resources and assistance available at the Pitt Bike Cave

Campus Shuttles

Campus shuttles are fully operational with real time GPS tracking throughout campus and COVID-19 safety protocols. Learn more