Commuting Alternatives

Pitt Commuting Options


Qualified Commuter Expense

The University has a reimbursment program that offeres pre-tax payroll deduction for selected vanpool expenses. For more information visit Pitt's Human Resources Web site.


MonthlyEmployee Cost $85 $92 $100
Annual EmployeeCost $1020 $1104 $1200
Federal Income Tax (15%) $153 $166 $180
FICA (7.65%) $78 $85 $92
Total Tax Savings $231 $251 $272

Your Federal tax savings will be greater if your marginal tax rate is above 15%.


How much does driving to work alone cost you?

Enter your commute and vehicle cost information to get your monthly cost for commuting using the online calculator

Traffic Cameras

See what traffic is like where you going. View PennDOT's traffic cameras

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