Expense Reports

In order to receive reimbursement for expenses incurred while traveling on University business, it is necessary to complete a Travel and Business Expense Report and submit the report within 10 days of the conclusion of your journey. Original receipts are required for all expenses except per diem meals. Contact Panther Express for submittal instructions.


Airfares submitted for reimbursement must be supported by an original ticket receipt. The reimbursement of airfares can take place only after the journey is complete.

Car Rentals

Car rental costs, including fuel and parking, will be reimbursed based on actual costs supported by original receipts. Car rental insurance costs are not reimbursable.

Personal Mileage

When using your personal vehicle for business purposes, reimbursement will be based on the mileage rate established by the Internal Revenue Service. Mileage is to be calculated from your normal place of business, not from home or any other location. The mileage reimbursement is to cover operating cost of your vehicle, i.e., fuel, insurance coverage, repairs, etc. Parking and tolls are separate from the mileage rate and can be reimbursed at actual costs supported by receipts.

Meal Per Diem

Meal reimbursement may not exceed per diem. Per diem is established by the federal government and varies from city to city. In addition to meals, per diem includes incidental expenses. Incidental expenses include costs for laundry, cleaning, and tips for services. Meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) combined will be reimbursed without receipts or other documentation of expense, but may not exceed per diem.

Business Meals

When necessary for business purposes, it is possible to host a business meal and receive reimbursement for the expense. Business meal reimbursement is limited to $70 per person, including tip. The expense must be supported by an original receipt and requires the approval of the chancellor, provost, appropriate senior vice chancellor, vice chancellor, dean, director, or responsibility center head.

If a business meal incurred while traveling is reimbursed, a reasonable reduction in the traveler’s per diem must be made for that day. “Reasonable reduction” is determined by the traveler’s department administrator.


The actual costs for lodging will be reimbursed and must be supported by an original receipt supplied by the hotel.






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