Group Travel


Travel suppliers such as airlines and hotels are prepared to negotiate discounts for group travel. Ten is the magic number to qualify as a group. Airlines will offer discounts when buying 10 or more airline tickets. Hotels are prepared to negotiate prices for 10 or more hotel rooms. For guidance in planning group travel contact Travel Management or a University-approved travel agent.

Group Airfares

Airlines qualify groups into two separate categories: (1) meetings/conventions and (2) ad hoc groups. People traveling from different origin cities on different flights to one destination over the same dates are considered a meeting/convention. An example of this would be a conference or symposium to which you have invited 10 or more people traveling from all over the country. An ad hoc group is 10 or more people traveling on the same aircraft. A sports team is a good example of an ad hoc group. If you are buying 10 or more airline tickets, airfares are negotiable.

Group Hotels

Regardless of the number of nights you may be staying, if you use 10 or more hotel rooms, discount room rates can be negotiated. And, if you want the hotel to provide meeting space, catering, and audio/video service, additional discounts can be obtained.

Charter Buses

If you need charter bus transportation for your group, contact the University’s transportation office for access to professionally driven vehicles with the capacity to transport 15 to 50 passengers.

Passenger Van Rental

If you prefer to drive your group, the University’s Fleet Rental Office has seven and 12 passenger vans available in Pittsburgh for University business.


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