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What does the Meals & Incidental Expenses per diem include?

The Meals & Incidental Expenses (M&IE) per diem include meals as well as incidental expenses such as tips for services and laundry.

What per diem rate do I use if the city to which I am traveling is not listed?

If the city you are visiting is in the continental 48 United States and does not have a specific meal per diem, then you are to use the standard per diem rate, which is $46 effective January 1, 2014.

If you are visiting a foreign country and the city is not listed individually, use the “other” per diem rate listed for that country.

Where do I find the meal per diem for Alaska and Hawaii?

Even though Alaska and Hawaii are part of the United States, per diem for those states are listed with foreign per diem and titled "Non-Foreign Overseas Per Diem Rates.”

Are there lodging per diems?

No, lodging is reimbursed at 100 percent of the actual expense for a standard hotel room. The reimbursement must be supported by an original hotel receipt.

Is there a spending limit if I am hosting a business meal?

Yes, reimbursement for business meals is limited to $60 per person, including tip. An original receipt must be attached to the expense report and the names of each participant must be listed on the expense report.

Is optional car rental insurance reimbursable?

No, when traveling on University business, you are covered by the University’s insurance and will not be reimbursed for optional insurance purchased from the car rental company. A University of Pittsburgh auto rental discount is available.

What should I do if I’m involved in an automobile accident while using a University-owned or rented vehicle?

You must report the accident immediately under the Office of Risk Management reporting instructions http://www.cfo.pitt.edu/risk/accidentreporting.html. (If you are a University employee and believe you were injured in an automobile accident, while performing your work duties, Workers' Compensation information may be found here:


When using my personal vehicle for business, is mileage computed from my place of business or from my home?

Mileage is computed from your place of business to your destination. The mileage allowance covers vehicle operating costs such as fuel, repairs, and insurance.

Can I be reimbursed for telephone calls while traveling?

You can be reimbursed for all business related calls, but are limited to one personal call, of reasonable length, per day.

Do University-approved travel agents charge fees for their services?

Yes, our travel agents charge $20-$35 for each airline ticket they issue.

May I buy a First Class airfare when traveling on University business?

No, you may not purchase First Class airfares for University business. However, it is possible to purchase coach/economy class fares and use your frequent flier miles to upgrade, if you choose.

Are the costs of vaccinations and immunizations reimbursable if they are required in order to enter a country that I am visiting for University business?

Yes, attach original receipts to your expense report. NOTE: Be certain to obtain a vaccination certificate and carry it with you on your journey.

What is the formula for computing a travel advance?

For U.S. Travel:
(M&IE Per Diem x Number of Days) + $100

For Foreign Travel:
[(Estimated Lodging Costs + M&IE Per Diem) x Number of Days] + $100

May I be reimbursed for the cost to acquire or renew my passport and to obtain a visa for my University business trip to another country?

Yes, attach original receipts to your expense report.

How long does it take to obtain a corporate travel credit card?

It takes approximately 7–10 business days to receive your corporate travel credit card.

Are Travel & Business Expense reports available online?

Yes, contact PantherExpress for access information.

Does the University have a policy regarding household goods relocations?

Yes, University Policy 05-07-02, household goods relocation, directs departments to contact the Office of Travel Management to coordinate household goods relocations for new employees.

Is it possible to purchase a one-way ticket for Buses Home for the Holidays?

Yes, one-way Buses Home for the Holidays tickets are available for purchase at the William Pitt Union ticket office—cash or check only, please.

Are Buses Home for the Holidays tickets refundable?

Yes, Buses Home for the Holidays tickets are fully refundable. Bring your ticket and your Panther Card (Pitt ID) to the Office of Travel Management, located in the Department of Parking, Transportation & Services, 3525 Forbes Avenue, or call 412-624-4433 for more information.

Can Buses Home for the Holidays tickets be exchanged?

Sometimes it is possible to exchange Buses Home for the Holidays tickets for different days or times based on availability. Call 412-624-4433 for more information.


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