Travel Advance

Credit Cards

Travelers may use any credit card they choose at this time.


It is also possible to obtain travel advance money from the University directly. In order to obtain these funds it is first necessary to complete a Travel Advance Request and submit the completed request to Payment Processing (116 Atwood Street). Travel advance funds are issued as a check payable to the traveler and will be made available within 10 days of departure.

Travel advance can be requested in any amount up to a maximum determined by the following formula: meal per diem, times the number of travel days, plus $100. If the meal per diem for the city you are visiting is $40 and you will be in that city for three days, an example of the maximum travel advance you can request is $40 x 3 + $100 = $220. If your destination is a city outside of the 48 contiguous United States, it is possible to add your estimated overnight lodging costs to the formula.

A travel advance must be reconciled by submitting a Travel and Business Expense Report within 10 days of completing the journey. A travel advance must be reconciled before another travel advance will be issued.





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